Produccion cientifica en instituciones….

Hola buenos dias, en la pagina de SIR , se pueden consultar los informes relativos a la producción científica de las Instituciones a nivel mundial y también por regiones.

The most comprehensive Research Ranking of worldwide universities and research institutions. This year’s edition includes 2,833 research-devoted institutions from around the world grouped into Institutional Sectors and World Regions. The ranking includes 4 key performance indicators to evaluate institutions’ research outcomes.

En este enlace podeis ver el ranking (esta en ingles).


Los indicadores utilizados para medir y clasificar las instituciones han sido:

  • Output: An institution’s publication output reveals its scientific outcomes in terms of published documents in scholarly journals.
  • International Collaboration: This value shows the institution’s output ratio that has been produced in collaboration with foreign institutions. The values are computed by analyzing the institution’s output whose affiliation includes more than one country address over the whole period.
  • Normalized Impact: This indicator reveals the ratio betweenthe average scientific impact of an institution and the world average impact of publications of the same time period and subject area. The values are expressed in percentages and show the relationship of the institution’s average impact to the world average, which is 1, ‐‐i.e. a score of 0.8 means the institution is cited 20% below average and 1.3 means the institution is cited 30% above average. More on this indicator at:
  • High Quality Publications: Ratio of publications that an institution publishes in the most influential scholarly journals of the world. Journals considered for this indicator are those ranked in the first quartile (25%) in their categories as ordered by SCImagoJournal Rank SJR indicator. More on SJR indicator at:


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