Revision sobre Pancreatitis Aguda en la revista Lancet

Revision sobre Pancreatitis Aguda en la revista Lancet


Acute pancreatitis, an inflammatory disorder of the pancreas, is the leading cause of admission to hospital for gastrointestinal disorders in the USA and many other countries. Gallstones and alcohol misuse are long-established risk factors, but several new causes have emerged that, together with new aspects of pathophysiology, improve understanding of the disorder. As incidence (and admission rates) of acute pancreatitis increase, so does the demand for effective management. We review how to manage patients with acute pancreatitis, paying attention to diagnosis, differential diagnosis, complications, prognostic factors, treatment, and prevention of second attacks, and the possible transition from acute to chronic pancreatitis.

Investigación y manejo de nódulos pulmonares (BTS Guidelines 2015)

Interesante Guia sobre Investigacion y manejo de nódulos pulmonares, en el blog de Pildoras.

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New on the Cochrane Blog: why translating evidence is important, and what we’re doing about it.

Cochrane approved a translation strategy last year with the aim of strengthening its impact in non-English speaking countries. Hayley Hassan, Cochrane’s Translations Support Officer, explains why this is important, as well as presenting some statistics about the progress made so far and plans for the future of translation at Cochrane.